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  • dog leaving muddy paw prints

    How to Deep Clean a Carpet

    Every now and then, you need to go beyond your cleaning routine and do a deep cleaning of things at home. That means tedious tasks like sweeping under appliances, wiping down the baseboards, and deep cleaning your carpet. If you’ve always hired a professional to deep clean your carpet, or if you’ve never done it on your own before, here are some easy tips for getting started on deep cleaning your carpet.
  • fluffy cat isolated

    12 Home Remedies for Excessive Cat Shedding

    Cats, like dogs, are one of those pets where shedding is a natural part of their day-to-day lives. It can be a source of frustration and stress for many cat parents. In addition to excessive shedding being yet another reason you need to keep grooming your cats and getting rid of cat hair from your couch, too much cat hair can also lead to issues like hairballs. The good news is that there are plenty of home remedies for excessive cat shedding. Let’s take a look at these 12 easy-to-do home remedies for cat shedding, including what the best pet hair remover is for grooming at home, and learn about how much shedding is too much and what can be done to stop cat shedding.
  • fluffing home pillows

    How to Refresh Couch Cushions

    Whether your old couch is in need of a simple refresh or is covered with ridiculous amounts of pet hair, we all need to refresh our couch cushions from time to time. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a brand-new couch, just follow these simple steps to refresh your couch cushions so they’ll feel clean and smell fresh again in no time!
  • cute kitten taking bath

    How to Groom a Cat: 14 Tips for New Cat Owners

    Now that you have your own cat, you’re probably thinking that they’re independent and known for being able to groom themselves without your help. While it’s true that cats are famously self-sufficient, they also need our assistance from time to time to help shed any excess fur. If your cat is so busy bathing and grooming themselves, they’re more likely to get hairballs. According to the ASPCA, a little maintenance — including everything from trimming their nails to bathing (yes, really!) — for your cat can go a long way! If you’re new to being a cat owner, use any of these 14 tips to learn about the benefits of grooming your cat and how to properly groom your cat.
  • taking care of a horse

    How to Groom a Horse

    There are plenty of benefits that come with grooming your horse. In addition to helping your horse look and feel their best, according to Horse Illustrated, when you groom your horse, you’re helping increase blood flow to their muscles and skin. Grooming is a great way to bond with your horse, and they’ll love the feeling of you running a brush through their mane, tail and the rest of their coat. Whether you’re a new horse owner or a seasoned pro, anybody who grooms their horse on a regular basis can benefit from using any of these helpful horse grooming tips.
  • Do Cats Shed? How to Keep Your Home Clean and Cat-Friendly

    Do Cats Shed? How to Keep Your Home Clean and Cat-Friendly

    When you live with a cat or several cats, it can feel like such a struggle to keep your home clean. There are so many joys that come with being a pet parent, but with as many joys as there are, it often feels like cleaning up after your shedding cat is a never-ending job. The good news is that we have plenty of practical tips for keeping the amount of cat hair in your home in check. It’s time to grab your Uproot Cleaner Pro tool to groom your cat and get rid of their fur from the couch at the same time. Here’s our handy guide to keep your home clean and cat-friendly.
  • portrait of shepherd dog yellow

    What Dogs Shed the Most? 6 Cleaning Tips for High-Shed Dogs

    High-shed dogs are beautiful and majestic breeds, but boy, you can probably make a sweater, a rug, and probably a sizable blanket out of all the dog hair that falls off them. Have you ever wondered if your sweet pup is one of the top shedding breeds out there? Even if they aren’t, you could always use more tips on how to deal with a dog that sheds, especially when you feel like they’re shedding more than most dogs. Use our list of six cleaning tips on how to help prevent excessive shedding and clean up after your pup.
  • man kissing dog

    18 Gift Ideas for Pet Owners

    There are so many benefits that come with being a pet owner. You have someone to play with and cuddle with at night. You have a dedicated companion whenever you’re having dinner or just want to hang out at home. Several studies have even shown that having a pet is linked with several health benefits, like decreasing blood pressure and better cognitive function in older adults. When our furry companions give us so much, we want to do everything we can to show them how much we care. Maybe it’s a CBD chew to help ease their anxiety. Perhaps it’s a pet hair removal tool that can be used to remove pet hair from rugs and other furniture around the house. Whether you’re getting a special something for your own furry friend or another person’s fur child, here are 18 gift ideas to get any pet owner.
  • black sweater with pet hair on it

    How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes

    As a cat parent, your cat’s fur has become a part of your routine and their daily routine. While it certainly feels like their hair is everywhere, there’s no need to worry or get stressed. Just use our easy tips and recommended tools, like the best pet hair remover, to remove cat hair from your clothes.

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