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How to Deep Clean a Carpet

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Every now and then, you need to go beyond your cleaning routine and do a deep cleaning of things at home. That means tedious tasks like sweeping under appliances, wiping down the baseboards, and deep cleaning your carpet. If you’ve always hired a professional to deep clean your carpet, or if you’ve never done it on your own before, here are some easy tips for getting started on deep cleaning your carpet.

1. Start by Removing Dirt, Debris, and Pet Hair — One of the first steps of deep cleaning your carpet is to assess the state of your carpet. Is it lightly soiled or heavily soiled? Depending on the soil level of your carpet, the dirtier it is, the more tools you’ll need and the more elbow grease you’ll need to put into deep cleaning your carpet. Before you get started on the deep cleaning part, start by looking at any dirt and debris on your surface. If you see fur from your dog or cat on there, you’ll want to use a pet hair remover brush to remove all that pet hair.

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2. Get the Tools You’ll Need — After assessing your carpet and doing some basic surface cleaning, gather up all the tools you’ll need. That includes the vacuum, carpet cleaner if you plan on using the carpet cleaning machine, steam cleaner if you plan on steam cleaning, and a rotating or oscillating fan to help dry your carpet a bit faster. You’ll also need carpet cleaning solution, spot cleaner, and powdered laundry stain remover to help remove stains. Keep the best pet hair remover from Uproot Clean around in case any additional pet hair pops up when you start deep cleaning.

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3. Spot-Clean Your Carpet — First, you’ll want to spot-clean your carpet section by section. Grab your spot cleaner and make sure you blot the carpet. Do not scrub because scrubbing can damage your carpets even further.

4. Vacuum Your Carpet — Next, you’ll want to vacuum your carpet with a small portable handheld cleaner or your regular upright vacuum cleaner. Vacuum your carpet slowly in multiple directions to remove as much dirt and debris as possible.

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5. Deep Clean with the Steam Cleaner or Carpet Cleaner Machine — After spot-cleaning and vacuuming your carpet, you’ll want to begin deep cleaning or steam cleaning your carpet. Portable machines are placed over the area of the carpet you need to clean. If you’re using an upright carpet shampooer or a steam cleaner, push it slowly across your carpet so that it penetrates every inch of the carpet.

6. Dispose of Wastewater — After you finish deep cleaning your carpet, clean out the machine’s dirty water tank. You can pour the wastewater down a sink or toilet. Ensure that whatever drainage system you’re pouring it into is connected to your area’s sewer infrastructure. Don’t pour the wastewater into storm drains.

7. Let Your Carpets Dry — According to Homes & Gardens, it’s essential to allow your carpet to dry completely before you expose it to everyday use. It may be challenging to do that if you have kids or pets at home, but if you can, corner off the room, close the door or tell the kids that the living room carpet is a no-play zone until it completely dries. Use an oscillating fan or open up doors and windows to help speed up the drying process. If you notice that there’s still pet hair on your carpet even after it dries, use the Uproot Cleaner Pro™ to get rid of any last excess fur.

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8. How Often to Deep Clean Your Carpet — Deep clean your carpet about once a year. If you’re a household with multiple pets and children, or you notice your carpet still looks pretty dirty even after multiple vacuum sessions, consider deep cleaning your carpet at least two or three times a year. Anyone who suffers from indoor allergies should have their carpets steamed every quarter.

Before you start removing stains and breaking out the carpet shampoo, make sure you tackle any surface debris on your carpet. That includes things like dirt and pet hair you can see right on your carpet. Remove pet hair and other debris with the handy Uproot Cleaner Pro™. It’s fun and easy to use, and you’ll see for yourself why this tool is loved by so many pet parents for both removing pet hair from carpets and grooming their furry friends.