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How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes

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As a cat parent, your cat’s fur has become a part of your routine and their daily routine. While it certainly feels like their hair is everywhere, there’s no need to worry or get stressed. Just use our easy tips and recommended tools, like the best pet hair remover, to remove cat hair from your clothes.

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1. Steps for Removing Cat Hair from Clothing — Thanks to the power of static electricity, your cat’s hair is very likely clinging to all of your clothing. The trick to breaking the static cling is to apply moisture. That’s one of the important steps for removing cat hair from your clothing. First, lightly wet a paper towel. You can also use your hands for this if you don’t mind getting your hands wet. Then, brush the paper towel or your wet hands on your clothing. This will help the hair on your clothing form into large clumps. You can then lift off large clumps of cat hair from your shirt or jeans and throw out that cat hair. Use a cat hair removal tool to help remove any excess hair.

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2. Run Your Clothes Through the DryerAccording to the Spruce, if you have clothes that are covered with cat hair, you can run your clothing through the dryer on a no-heat cycle. Check your dryer because your dryer likely has either a no-heat or an air cycle as options for drying. The tumbling action going on in your dryer will help loosen that cat hair from your clothing. Make sure you clean the lint trap after the cycle finishes. It helps prevent dryer fires, along with preventing odors and increasing airflow in your dryer.

3. Removing Cat Hair from Clothing in Your Washing Machine — Now that you know that, here’s how you can actually remove cat hair using your washer and dryer. Remove as much cat hair from your clothing as you can. You can use tools like a damp rubber glove or a pet hair removal tool. Put your clothing in the dryer first. One or two dryer sheets will help reduce the static cling that keeps cat hair clinging to your clothing. Once you’ve run the dryer for about 10 minutes on that low-heat or no-heat cycle, you can go ahead and use your washing machine and dryer as you normally would to wash and dry your clothing.

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4. Use an Easy Pet Hair Removal Tool — Are you looking for a more eco-friendly tool than a lint brush? With a lint brush, you’re constantly rolling that sticky adhesive all over your clothes, and even then, it feels like you’ve never completely gotten rid of all that cat fur. Try a tool like the Uproot Cleaner Pro™ instead. This multi-purpose brush is a no-brainer for any pet parent. While you love your furry friend, you hate their cat hair getting everywhere. Use a tool like that, and you’ll be able to remove cat hair from not only your favorite shirt and those black leggings but also brush away any excess cat fur from your kitty.

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Now that you know how to remove cat hair from your clothing, you can get back to all the things you love doing with your cat. Those loving head bunts. Your daily snuggle sessions on the couch. While you’re snuggling on the couch, you can pet and groom your cat all at once with a handy pet hair removal tool. With this tool, you can use it to remove cat hair from your clothes and remove excess cat fur from your cat. It’s a win-win for both of you.